About Us

We are Lifeline Foundation Support Team, Inc., a non-stock, non-profit, non-government organization based in Manila.

Lifeline is a small organization with big dreams of changing the world. Our mission and vision are simply this: Change the world one life at a time. One child educated. One sick worker operated on, going back to work. One family lifted out of poverty, creating wealth for themselves through micro-finance projects. One provincial school graduating globally competitive students. One community surviving severe weather conditions with homes intact and no casualties. All this replicated over and over again, making an impact, showing it can be done.

Who are we? We’re regular Joses and Marias who believe we’re all special Joses and Marias who all have something to contribute to make the world better. We’re all volunteers with different day jobs or are still studying. But we have one thing in common: WE CARE ABOUT OUR WORLD. ENOUGH TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. We believe in compassion, giving, empowerment, community.

And yes, because we are small, we have complete transparency and accountability. We can show you where every single dollar/peso/euro/yen/won goes. And yes, because we are small, we partner with other organizations and individuals, some long term, others on single project-basis; and we do work with government organizations when needed.

The Team