On Friday, November 13, 2009, several members from LiFELiNE Foundation Animal Welfare, including the students of SCCS, had visited the Marymount School in BF Homes to promote animal awareness.

As always, the team brought with them rescued pets–Albert, Tybalt, Dewey, Bubba, and Missy-for the kids to pet and most importantly, to learn proper animal care.In accordance with the school’s animal program “Wonder Pets,” Dorothy Alforque, Animal Welfare Project Coordinator, had talked to the students from junior to senior prep about taking care of animals, through a story.

With the story of the little black kitten looking for a good home, Dorothy explained and showed the children that animals need more than just a bowl of food and water to be loved. They not only need the essentials(food, water, and shelter); they need to be treated right and shown affection. As part of their animal program, the kids had dressed as superheroes signifying that they were the heroes of their pets. This is a creative way to show them that taking care of animals is not only a responsibility but it also can be a joy. Lifeline foundation believes in stepping in and being involved—and so, children are never too young to be taught what’s right and what’s wrong; the golden rule of treating others the way we want to be treated applies for all living creatures and not just people.

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