On Friday, September 18, 2009, several members from Lifeline Foundation Animal Welfare visited the Veritas Parochial School in BF Homes to explain and show the students the proper treatment of animals. The team brought with them rescued pets H, Albert, Edmond, Tybalt, Bowie, Tyler, Shoshanna and Thor.

Dorothy Alforque, Animal Welfare Project Coordinator, gave a talk to the students from Grades 3-6, instructing and showing them on how to handle animals. Most of them were responsive and there was plenty of time for questions. A lot of them owned pets and were curious, asking questions to better care for and understand their pets. One boy came up and screamed at cat H, thinking it was no big deal. He was told that it was not right to do that and was taught right then and there how to approach animals.

Lifeline Foundation Animal Welfare advocates the importance of animal awareness not only because animals should be treated with respect, but because individuals can learn important lessons. When children are taught to care, they will begin to learn the importance and value of life. By being able to gain the trust of an animal, they will learn that trust is earned and that bullying or threatening does not give that to them. When children especially, realize that they can be trusted, they will want to keep that trust and will look for more responsibilities to handle. Children should never be encouraged into bad or cruel behavior, with both people and animals alike. When a child is taught to think that it’s all right to hurt animals, that child will soon make that same conclusion with the people around him. Let’s teach our children today to do right with the little things so that they can be decent and respectable individuals.

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