National Youth Conference for Development

Lifeline’s Ernest de la Cuesta speaking at the National Youth Conference for Development last Saturday, March 24, 2015. Ernest, currently working full-time for Visayan Forum, is one of the prime movers behind Lifeline’s Satellite School initiative, bringing math and English classes, even scholarships, to the urban poor children in BF Paranaque.

This Conference was a good opportunity for students from DLSU, UP and Ateneo University to come together, talk about their experiences and their plans for the future. Some professors were talking about the history of development studies especially in relation to the history of the Philippines. And there were some people who already graduated from development studies, who could talk about their experiences looking for a job and volunteering with NGO’s.

All in all it was a wonderful start for a conference that will hopefully be repeated every year, so that many students and many generations will have the opportunity to discuss strategies to give our country and our people a brighter future. To find a way out of poverty we need to wake people up, we need to know what we are passionate about and compassionate for. We have to be aware of our own limitations and learn to deal with them: we need to be self-aware.

Finding effective solutions needs different perspectives! And that’s what this National Youth Conference for Development was for.

National Youth Conference for Development     National Youth Conference for DevelopmentNational Youth Conference for DevelopmentNational Youth Conference for Development

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