Sigman Elementary School: Construction has begun!

Construction on Sigman Elementary School has begun, and we could not be more thrilled! As you can see, bayanihan-style, the parents and community have begun by tearing down the walls so they can expand the classroom to welcome the Grade 5 and 6 students when school starts on June 5. 37 parents and friends are working long hours every day, and teacher Sheryl is spending her summer break supervising and organizing the construction.



Why does Lifeline support the expansion of Sigman Elementary School?

1. Education is a great leveler and gives students and their families better opportunities.
2. The nearest school is about 3-5 kilometers away, and is virtually unreachable in bad weather. Having a school nearby encourages the Tagalog and Mangyan students not just to attend but to finish school.
3. It encourages the community to grow and support one another.

And not only the regular school, but also the students of out Lifeline Satellite School in Sigman (additional English and math classes) will benefit a lot from the new building.


So we’re in! Especially with the fundraising aspect, and in May a bunch of us will go and help build. We are currently at Php 160,000 of a Php 250,000 budget to complete the work – and so are still a little short.

If you would like to join us, whether with buiding or with giving funds (or school materials!), send us a message, call Jane Abrot at 02 621 5058 or through a donation to Lifeline

Eastwest Bank, President Ave. Branch
Account Number: 200000 660999
Swift code: ewbcphmm

Or via Paypal at

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