The Evolution of The Humanitarian Effort

We at Lifeline have always been evolvers. From our very humble beginnings 13 years ago, we have always known that the key to survival in this changing world is to evolve.

Change has become a cliché in many circles, only because efforts to do so are not consistently followed through. But for those that do, it is a process wrought with both challenges and amazing rewards. And, the challenges always end up relating to letting go: letting go of ways we are used to, letting go of control, of having things done the way we like. One soon realizes that the way we have come to do things is no longer the best method coming into a new year. Because the playing field changes. Because people change. Because the needs have deepened, have worsened, and these needs dictate a more specific response, and a different level of oversight and leadership.

Our efforts as an organization have followed the path of change. From the way we have conducted our Mangyan Missions, to the details of our Relief Efforts, and our now all-out Collaborative Approach. We have had to tweak, and re-tweak, and re-examine our methods constantly. Or should I say we chose to re-evaluate, and then re-tweak, re-adjust, to find exactly what fits. This is why we are at the forefront of collaborative efforts in response to the Rebuilding Efforts in the Philippines.

Change has always been and will always be a choice. We see all around us businesses that come and go, and some that make it through the toughest climates because they evolve to fit and answer the circumstance. We also see the wiser ones changing in advance to accommodate the growth they anticipate. That’s where we want to be. That’s where we choose to be. Hence, we evolve, happily accepting all the growing pains associated, yet already seeing the good fruit of our decisions down the road.

Lifeline Foundation is collaborating and partnering with organizations and efforts that help bring the most help in the most efficient manner to the people that need it. That is a result of our evolution.

I challenge you, to apply this to your own life and efforts. Survival, they say, belongs to the fittest. Let’s tweak that. Survival, and therefore success, belongs to the evolvers.

Jose Luis Gonzalez

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