Letter from our Deputy Director


Dear Friends of Lifeline,


We just got back from the community we support on the island of Mindoro. They told us that they need to extend their two-room schoolhouse as they are adding Grades 5 and 6 to the classes offered there. This is what the school looks like right now


Currently, the first older tribal and Tagalog children from the community go to a school 3-5 kilometers away (depending on whether you pass via the mountain or seashore) and during stormy season the kids are often absent.

Here are some of the kids from this school, Sigman Elementary School. We brought book donations last week and they were thrilled.

And so, we are raising funds to go toward the repair and expansion of the school so the kids can finish up to 6th grade here. A bunch of us volunteers are going over to help build in late April and early May–and if any of you want to come over and help out–please do! The budget for this is about Php 200,000 (about U$ 4000 or 3,700 euros).


Secondly, we are continuing with our scholarships for the kids in our local community in BF Paranaque, Metro Manila. Lifeline’s first scholar graduates from college this month (we’re so thrilled!), and we have 3 scholars in Grades 7, 8 and 9, but would like another male scholar this year. Some of our candidates are young boys in Grade 4 and 5. Your donation could go toward a scholarship for one of them. The cost for one year of schooling, including all materials, field trips, etc is about Php 100,000  or (U$2000 or 1,850 euros).


And lastly, you could allocate your donation to medical missions again–as we have four scheduled for this year. Two to some tribes, two to urban poor communities. As always, everyone is encouraged to come and volunteer with us.




At Lifeline we believe that people’s lives are the best investment, and that it blesses us tremendously to give.  If you have questions, please call us at 621 5058 or 0917 5804102, or send us an email at info@ineedalifeline.org.


Warmly and thankfully,


Betty Romero

Deputy Director
Lifeline Foundation Support Team, Inc.

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