Lifeline 2014

The new year is always a time to reflect on the past and project into the future. To assess what we did, and to figure out how to do things better, smarter, with greater effectivity and even less loss.

So now we head boldly into 2014 with the perfect hindsight of years prior to aid us as well as the fresh wisdom of a several esteemed advisors to guide us as we undertake new initiatives at an unprecedented scale.

We have taken great strides in seeking collaborating with other NGO’s and charities, and are already in partnership with two of these, Project Yakap and Yes Pinoy. Check them out, they seek to do great work in aiding our countrymen who are in need of shelter and children with education. We know that working together will only strengthen us toward achieving our mutual goals.

We also are looking to increase the influx of volunteerism from International sources, otherwise known as Volun-Tourism. We have had several this past year, and it has served to change not just the lives of the beneficiaries but also of the volunteers themselves.

Typhoon Yolanda/Haiyan has left us with a big responsibility on our shoulders, to see our affected neighbours get back on their feet and rebuild their lives. This entire process has also been that catalyst that ignited a move away from simply ongoing relief, and toward long term rebuilding. And not just rebuilding on the old and previous models, which clearly did not succeed in uplifting lives economically. Rebuilding on new models of innovative design, social entrepreneurship, all with the change process as the key driver. And therein lies the challenge: finding brave and adventurous souls who will take on the unknown and trust us as we introduce these new methods and systems.

Now these models and systems are not entirely new; they are all tried and tested and proven to work, all by the pioneers who created them. We are talking about Micro-finance, as pioneered and mastered by Muhammad Yunus, who through the Grameen Bank of Bangladesh created a extremely successful finance and loan institution that uplifted the lives of so many of the participants. We are talking about innovative Bamboo design and industry, that is largely untapped in the Philippines and yet is making huge waves in our sister ASEAN countries for building materials and food, as well as base material for clothing and many more applications. We are talking about cooperative industry models. that serve the members themselves and not some board of directors. Again, proven, tried and true, and we are adapting them in our new initiatives this 2014.

It is going to be a very busy and exciting year. There will be much to see and learn from, and we hope to maximize both time and resource to seeing success take place. We eagerly extend our hands in welcoming your participation, and together let’s see change effected, one life at a time.

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