Looking at Life through a Lens

One of the things I love about living and traveling with a photographer for a wife is
seeing how she sees the world around her.

I am constantly amazed at how she can walk down some random street in some city in
some corner of the world and capture an expression of humanity and in that one click of
a moment turn something that would otherwise seem random into something select and

I have been inspired by seeing the connection between a newborn baby and her brand
new daddy, seeing the beautiful wrinkles of wisdom in an 83 year old man, watching a
couple-in-love dancing after being together for over 40 years and list goes on and on.

It is too easy to have your spirit dampened by all the negative news that surrounds us
on a daily basis. We are told to see what the status quo dictates. We tend to follow
what we look at, and therefore when what we see is confusion, doubt, corruption and
despair we can feel disabled when it comes to moving forward and upward. If you are
reading this, chances are that you are a select person – a Lifeline Volunteer! You
already know that you can make a difference, and you have made the choice to stand
up for someone’s life and help bring change. We, who have answered a universal call
to be the change, cannot get hampered with the obstructions of 2012’s fears, doubts
and carry-overs of years past.

We must be aware of the lens we are viewing life through. We must be aware of the
particular light that streams around us, illuminating hope and real solutions. We must
look, like the way I see my wife searches, for hidden treasures in the lives around us.

I challenge you to see something wonderful today. In your home, in a relationship
around you, down the street or at your office, somewhere in your community; in your
world there is a moment begging to be noticed and advocated by you.

Notice some love, notice an act of kindness, notice what you must and both you and
those you see will be better for it.”


  1. societychanger
    March 8, 2012

    All I use to see before was through the lens of “ME.”- MY life, My context, MY rules, MY way of doing things. Though, as I began to volunteer, the lens that I have used for so long began to change; wherein life is no longer about me, but there are so many things going on in our beloved world that are worth paying more attention to. It is in care, manifested in action , that our lives get bigger and we begin to transform the lives of others. Thank God for foundations such as this; we have an opportunity to upgrade our lens! 🙂

  2. mission lover
    April 3, 2012

    at this time when everything seems like a rat race, the need to be always in the rush to catch up sometimes gets you so focused, single-minded, like you have a race horse blinders…it helps so much to just stop, or slow down, look around and be aware of what’s going on, see people, see love, see laughter and see the need of other people as well. It gives a sense of “the universe ain’t only ME”, there’s something I can do!


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