Field Trip to the Mind Museum

Field Trip to the Mind Museum

– with our Satellite School Kids –


10:15 am, in Lifeline’s Office in BF Homes
49 very excited students all dressed in white shirts and equipped with a huge lunch bag, getting ready for our first field trip this year: the Mind Museum in BGC.

12:15 pm (just 15 minutes late), arrival at our today’s field trip destination
After a fun bus ride with students performing “May Tatlong Bibe”, playing clapping games, watching The Lion King, and the realization that we should never get on a bus without plastic bags, wet ones, mint candy, towels, alcohol, water and white flower, we finally arrived at the mind museum.

Starting in the Mind Museum’s big lecture hall, Sir Chris gave an interactive presentation about pressure and showed how we can do magic by just using the air surrounding us in the right way. Our students were allowed to gain great hands-on experiences in Physics. They let feathers fly up in the air, moved cans from one cup to another without touching them, and blew up a huge plastic bag with only one breath of air.


For the remaining two hours, our Satellite School kids explored the museum on their own. Highlights? A huge dinosaur, stairs that functioned as piano tiles when walking up and down (maybe we found a new Beethoven today?), a big screen where we could watch ourselves with long extinct animals, getting a literally hands-on experiences in the field of static electricity and, according to some of our younger students, riding the escalator up and down, again and again.


17:00 pm, back at the Lifeline Office in BF Homes
Tired and a little dizzy from the bus ride home, which was not less fun than the first bus ride,  but with tons of new and inspiring experiences and insights into the world of science, we arrived back in BF.


This inspiring, fun and educational day was enabled through the Mind Museum and Children’s Hour, who sponsored the trip for our Satellite School students. The whole Lifeline team is very thankful for this great opportunity to arouse curiosity in these young minds. We are hoping that this day laid the foundation for some of our students to pursue a career in science, and maybe the Mind Museum just inspired a future Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin or a future Marie Curie.


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