Christmas Party for our Lifeline Satellite School

Merry Christmas to all our wonderful Satellite School students, and congratulations to the awardees for academic excellence, most improved and best attitude.


A fun- and food-filled day

On December 17, our Satellite School students in Manila finally had their long-awaited Christmas Party. Since October we have already been hearing their excited voices: “Teacher, when is our Christmas Party this year?”, “Teacher, can we get KitKat for Christmas?” and “Teacher, can we play the games from last year again?”

And just like last year, we had a fun-filled day with a lot of games, spaghetti, barbeque and, of course, chocolate.


The Rotaract Club from Dela Salle University Manila prepared a lot of games for all our students. It was a joy to watch the students, who have been studying together with us since July, having a great time. Chaotic, fun games and noisy students, something we don’t have regularly in our Satellite School. Also, DLSU Rotaract donated Jollibee spaghetti for all students and book donations.



Congratulations to all our awardees

After an hour of games, we started awarding our best Satellite School students of the past six months.

For grade 3 and 4: Rey (Best Attitude), Dimples (Best Academic Performance) and Rommel (Most Improved)
For grade 5 and 6: Sheila (Best Attitude), Ashlee (Best Academic Performance) and Edgardo (Most Improved)

All our tutorial students received a drinking bottle as an award for their hard work in our weekday tutorials.


Thank you to everyone who made our Christmas Party possible!

Team SIPAT bikers for the food and Noche Buena bags for all the families

DLSU Rotaract for the games, Jollibee spaghetti and book donation

Teacher Tracey and Tito Jal for the loot bags

Hyde and Theia Peña, who gave for the spaghetti too

Klaus and Iris Rotering for the awards and gifts

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