Creativities at Satellite School

Creativities Day at Lifeline’s Satellite School!

– Arts and Crafts, Choir and HipHop –

English, Math, English, Math, English, Math, … This is what we had been teaching so far in our Satellite School since we started again last July. Very important and useful subjects, we are not trying to deny that. But once in a while, students also need to do something else. Something non-academic, something without any worksheet, simply something fun!

So why don’t we take one of our (normal) Satellite School Saturdays, and do exactly that: teach something fun! (For us, Math and English are the most interesting and fun things in the world, of course, but unfortunately, not all of our students would agree here…).

Our schedule:
12nn        –    1:30pm  Christmas crafts with Mrs Jillian Garcia
1:30pm   –    3pm       Choir with our wonderful volunteers from Woodrose (Teachers Laura, Phoebe, Inez, Jaqui and Terry)
                                       HipHop with our Intern Judith Rotering


At the end of the day, we had lovely Christmas cards and pretty Christmas tree decorations. We founded the next world-champion dancing crew performing their first own choreography after only one hour of practice. And we had the great honor to listen to a brand new great choir singing lovely Christmas songs.

And although students having fun was one of our main goals, we have to admit now that all of us learned a lot more that day, than on many other regular Satellite School Days. The students learned…

… how to stamp, color, cut, and decorate lovely Christmas gifts.
… how to use their voices in a way that can be described as singing, and not as shouting.
… how to memorize the lyrics of English (and half-Spanish) Christmas songs (Feliz Navidad and Jingle Bells).
… how to keep a new choreography in your mind.
… how to stay concentrated and to pay full attention to what your teacher tells you (there are a lot of tiny details that make HipHop dance, and not just moving your body)
and most important:
… how to have a lot of fun while not noticing that you are actually learning so much!


Thank you Teachers Jillian, Laura, Jacqui, Aya, Jiny, Leila, Inez, Cat, Jericho, Phoebe, Therese, Shairest, Lily, Bettina, Stephanie and Mia for this awesome and fun day!


I almost forgot, one thing that we definitely learned today: Always buy washable paint, you never know what children touch with their colorful little hands. We still find tiny colored fingerprints on chairs, under tables, on light switches, …

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