Love, Courtship and Marriage at St. Joseph School of Fairview


Our Life Skills head Judy Jamolangue with the students from St Joseph of Fairview


6 am in the morning, February 17. Lifeline’s Lifeskills team is on it’s way St. Joseph School of Fairview to have a talk on “Love, Courtship and Marriage”. It’s hard to not fall asleep on the way there, but as soon as we see the 300 teens with their beaming faces, the tiredness dissipates. They have tons of questions about having a crush, dating, how to tell someone you like them …



“If you’re having a crush right now, run to the right side of the room. If not, go to the left.
Have you ever been in a relationship? Then go to the left. If not, go to the right.”

After waking up all sleepyheads with this fun game, we started our seminar with the first speech. Micah Ramos-Agapito and her husband Niel Agapito, talked about how they ended up getting married last December. The 13 to 16 year old students listened carefully, just like our speaker Micah did years ago. Micah used to sit down in our Lifeskills for Teens sessions, way back. And now she is helping in our Lifeline Lifeskills team, together with her husband and her parents, inspirering other teens too.


Through a podcast sent from Canada, Candace Schmidt-Gonzalez, one of Lifeline’s founding directors and Life Coach for over 20 years gave the students some helpful advice. She spoke about the difficulties of falling in love as a teenager, while being influenced by a huge amount hormones. And as having a crush does not always have a happy ending, unfortunately, she also talked about being crushed by your first crush.



“What is the perfect age for a relationship?” 

“Is there a maximum age gap?”

“How can I tell my crush that I like him/her?”

To give each student a chance to ask their own personal questions on love, courtship and marriage, we got together in smaller groups. Now they could finally ask everything that they had been wondering about for a long time.


We definitely had some pretty good discussions about one of the most important topics in the life of a teenager.


Thank you St. Joseph School of Fairview for inviting us! We really enjoyed spending the day with your students, and hope to see you again.

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