Lifeline Through the Years


It has been our joy and privilege to work with and serve our brothers and sisters in different communities in and out of our country; to hold out a lifeline to them. Only one of us works for Lifeline full-time, everyone else is a volunteer. Truth is, very few things in life have brought as much delight as it has been to be givers and movers and to have hands outstretched and voices lifted up.

We dream big: we want to change the world one life at a time. In these sections, meet Jeremy Macalalag, father of two girls, stricken by a life-threatening disease in his early 30’s. And so we knocked on doors and worked tirelessly, and he got his kidney transplant and was able to go back to work. Meet Gerald, who was 14 when we first saw him, selling sweets in the street to help his mother make a living. But Gerald was the most diligent and persevering of our Satellite School students, and so we gave him a scholarship. He’s now in university. And Kirstie, once upon a time a 17 year old nursing student, but when her room caught fire, her legs suffered third degree burns and she couldn’t walk anymore, much less go to school. Three years, two surgeries and much therapy later, through the help of some wonderful European volleyball players who connected with Lifeline, she’s back on track with her life.

And so check out this life and that life and his life and her life change through the years. That’s what we do, that’s who we are, at Lifeline.