“This has been one of the best Mangyan Missions we’ve ever had,” Betty Romero, Lifeline Deputy Director, remarked after Lifeline’s successful mission to Mindoro to give medical aid to our Mangyan brothers and sisters. And it truly was.

Lifeline embarked on another Mangyan Medical Mission in Abra de Ilog on Friday, May 28. Our team of 60 eager volunteers left Metro Manila on Thursday at 10:30 PM to begin our 6 hour travel to Occidental Mindoro. As soon as we reached Baranggay Udalo, everyone got down to business, efficiently getting down to our assigned posts and duties. It was such a pleasure to see more new faces and new volunteer doctors, nurses, and dentists who are willing to lend their abilities to help the Mangyans. Once the first Mangyan family arrived, everyone started working. Every Mangyan was able to get the medical help they need, from dental care to cough relief, deworming and treatment for skin conditions.

It was uplifting to see how they were grateful and trusting towards the Lifeline team. Each smile lessened the tiredness of the volunteers. You could see the light in their eyes as they received medicine, appreciating the fact that we care for them. As we took care of each family and saw that they needed more, we were getting more ideas for the next Mangyan Mission; family planning education, for example. There are so many other ways we can help our brothers and sisters. We just have to take one step further and take action to reach out to them.


  1. December 6, 2010

    My husband & I live part time next to Udalo village where we had the opportunity of witnessing your Mangyan Medical Mission held on the 3rd Dec. 2010. Thank you so much for reaching out to the Mangyans in Udalo! We are absolutely happy of your good works there. We saw how organized and efficient everything went. Thank you so much to all your medical mission team for dedicating their precious time in reaching out to Udalo’s Mangyan families. Be assured that all what you did and provided were highly appreciated by the Mangyan families. We hope that you will schedule other missions in this remote area. Best regards.

    • Jorge
      December 21, 2010

      Hi Gay Ann,

      Thank you for appreciating Lifeline’s work in Udalo. Organized and efficient, that’s how Lifeline work!

      We invite you to be a part of upcoming medical missions of Lifeline by signing up on our volunteer list or join us on http://facebook.com/lifelinefoundation to receive announcements.

      Best Regards!


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