Lifeline Foundation Support Team Inc, under Directors Jose Luis Gonzalez and Candace Schmidt, in cooperation with the 760th Combat Group of the Philippine Air Force, held its 7th Medical Mission for this year in Brgy Anon, Floridablanca, Pampanga, last Sunday Sept 5, 2010.

There were 820 patients in all, which is the biggest group Lifeline has ever served, to the point of actually running out of medicines towards the end. About a fifth of the recipients were Aetas from the mountains of Zambales, including three groups of Aetas from Barangay Mawacat, about an hour away. The gallant head of the 760th Combat Group brought one of the patients to the hospital, a two year old Aeta baby already in critical condition. Colonel Labos rushed her to Basa Air Force Hospital right away.

The Aeta barangay captain was present, asking us if we’d consider doing a mission just for them. Lifeline’s doctors reported that there are a lot on infections among the Aetas, and they need more medical care.

Mayor Eduardo D. Guerrero of Floridablanca, Pampanga warmly welcomed Lifeline’s volunteers and discussed possible partnerships later on.

The airmen and women valiantly assisted not only with the medical mission, but also cut hair, provided a massage room and security, carried babies, assisted the elderly, provided entertainment, transported Lifeline’s volunteers to and from Manila, and generally served to restore people’s faith and trust in our armed forces. It was a rare treat to see our men and women in uniform doing their civic duties with such verve and gusto.

Thank you, to the 84-strong Lifeline volunteer team, as well as to Col. Labos and the men and women of the 760th Combat Group. In the words of Mayor Guerrero, “Wala akong makitang dahilan na hindi natin tugonan ang mga kailangan ng ating kababayan.” (I see no reason why we ourselves cannot meet the needs of our countrymen.) Mayor, that is exactly what Lifeline is all about.

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  1. Frank Dee
    November 5, 2010

    I was there!


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