Patient of the Month: Leomar

Meet Leomar, our Patient of the Month since May 2016

Leomar with his mother Maricel

In May, the same person that referred the little girl Crislie (Patient of the Month since February 2016) to us, also referred a little boy. Leomar, a joyful three year-old boy, has a lump above his right eye.

His family already went to see a doctor in their hometown, Catbalogan, Samar, but the advice there was to seek further medical treatment in Manila. So just seven months after giving birth to Leomar’s little sister, his mother Maricel (25) decided to take Leomar to Manila last March. Since then, Maricel’s mother has been taking care of the her younger child.

As Maricel had no idea of how to go around Manila and ask government and private agencies for medical assistance, she already thought of giving up and going back to Samar. Fortunately, they were referred to us before they left Manila.


Finally finding support on their medical journey

Since May, they have been assisted closely by our social worker, Jane Abrot, accompanying to them to consultations and procedures. At the same time, helping Maricel find her way around in Manila. Unfortunately, his case is not an easy one. His diagnosis had been up for debate until recently.


We took him to Philippine Children’s Medical Center (PCMC) where we had an MRI done. Finally, Leomar was officially diagnosed with Lymphangioma in December. The doctors in PCMC prescribed an experimental treatment for his case. He is to take Sirolimus, in hopes that the drug will not only prevent the mass around his eye from growing, but also shrink the one he has now.


Just beginning of this month, he started taking the medicine. And finally some good news. The mass visibly shrank. Taking Sirolimus is an indefinite treatment and has to be continously monitored. But still it is finally a ray of hope for his family. We have never spent so much time with one patient before, and it is great to see now that it is always worth it to never give up.



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