Patient of the Month: Crislie

Meet Crislie, our Patient of the Month since February 2016

It’s already been more than a year since we met little Crislie and her parents for the first time. Back then, the now two year old girl was referred to us by a Lifeline volunteer, after having seen the girl in a market with her father.

She has a soft lump on her right lower cheek, and up to now, it is still not officially diagnosed.

Last April, she took the first CT Scan of the neck in Philippine General Hospital (PGH). After waiting for the results until October, we couldn’t get a definite diagnosis. In November, they were then given another request for CT Angiography of the oral cavity. But the waiting continued until March 2017, as the CT Scan machine in the PGH was broken.

Now, Crislie is finally set for CT Angiography in PGH in April. We are hoping for her final diagnosis then to  get an action plan for her treatment.

Crislie’s father

Already during the first meeting with Crislie and her parents in March 2016, we noticed that we were not only going to have one patient here. Her father has Psoriasis, a noncontagious chronic skin condition that produces plaques of thickened, scaling skin.

Because of this condition, his skin looked like it was covered in big, red mosquito bites. This made him lose his old job as a sales person in a department store in Makati, so he is now working as a sales person in a retail stall on an irregular basis.  To help him get a regular job again, a friend of Lifeline, Dr. Roberta Romero, took a look at him and decided to cover for his treatment.


Good things take time. And we are not giving up on this little girl and her parents, who we have really taken into our hearts after more than a year of supporting them.

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