Rebuilding Sigman Elementary School

In a fishing village of about 100 families, located in  Abra de Ilog, Occidental Mindoro, Lifeline has been supporting the public Elementary School there for the past two years already. Sigman Elementary School opened first in 2008 in one small building close to Sigman beach, and has now already grown to three classrooms with 72 students from Kindergarden to grade 4.



Our latest batch of Sigman Satellite School students together with teacher Sheryl (center)

In June 2015, we started with ESL classes (English as Second Language) for the students’ parents. For the second batch, starting November 2015, we introduced ESL also to the Elementary School students. And since July 2016, we are happy to offer not only ESL, but also math classes. Our formerly ESL-classes in Mindoro have thus turned into a second Satellite School, just like our Satellite School for the students from our community in Parañaque, Manila.

Currently, we have two Satellite School classes, one for the starters and one for the already advanced students. We are supporting teacher Sheryl Cepillo and teacher Jennifer Paner in teaching both Mangyan and Tagalog students from the community nearby.


Spending so much time with our wonderful teachers, students and the community  in Sigman, we took all of them into our hearts. It is wonderful to watch our projects in Sigman thrive and to gradually become part of this small and very lovable community.


Sigman Elementary School now also for grades 5 and 6

So far, the school in Sigman has only been teaching Kindergarden up to grade 4. For grades 5 and 6, the young students have to walk almost 5 km along the beach to the next school; a journey that is definitely beautiful in good weather, but unfortunately nearly impossible during rain, storm and extreme heat. Several students from Sigman drop out of school after finishing grade 4. The long way was just too much for the 10 year-old children.


When teachers Sheryl and Jennifer told us beginning of the month that they are planning to introduce grades 5 and 6 starting June, we were highly excited. Better and longer education  will open so many doors for the students in Sigman! And not only the students will benefit: also the families and the whole community!


More students require more space, the current 3 classrooms are not sufficient. So we need to:

  • build one more classroom
  • rebuild the old classrooms
  • gather more school materials for teachers and students

And as June comes pretty soon, construction will already start next month! We are currently looking for funds to pay for the building materials and the workers’ food. The work itself will be done by the parents and the community, there will no costs for labor. Did we already mention that we really love this amazing community? WE LOVE SIGMAN!


This is what their school materials mostly look like, as many parts of the old building are leaking.

If you would like to join us, whether with buiding or with giving funds (or school materials!), send us a message, call Jane Abrot at 02 621 5058 or through a donation to Lifeline

Eastwest Bank, President Ave. Branch
Account Number: 200000 660999
Swift code: ewbcphmm

Or via Paypal at


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